About Nancy

I invite you to learn a little about me from the perspective of my journey with my parts. How do your parts react to what I have written? 

I was raised in the Midwest by progressive Christian parents. Dad organized farmer’s cooperatives, and Mom, active in our schools and church, raised us from home.

Big and Little T Trauma

Burdened exiles and extreme protectors developed in response childhood medical trauma, the unexpected death of my dad, school difficulties, family legacies, and “little t” traumas. Young parts believed it wasn’t safe to be here.

Unexpected Paths

I grew up in the first generation of women who were told they could be anything they wanted. Unfortunately, this was not followed with effective career counseling. I studied science in college and learned I wasn’t a scientist. I worked in state government and learned I wasn’t a politician. Parts believed that school and work were overwhelming and confusing and that I was a failure. In another unexpected turn, my children had parts that did not fit well with traditional schooling, and we became homeschoolers. At first, some parts were afraid of this commitment, and over time, we learned that we could make homeschooling work for us.


As my children grew up, I volunteered for a mental health hotline and led career change workshops for other homeschooling moms. With excited and hopeful parts, I earned an MS in Counseling at Johns Hopkins University and began work as a psychotherapist in private practice focused on the techniques of IFS. Parts learned that, sometimes, it can take half a lifetime to become anything you want to be!

I have shared a few of my struggles, as well as my successes and my privileges. I hope this has helped you to get to know me and to begin to decide whether or not you want to work with me. I am happy to talk with you further.

My preferred pronouns are she, her, hers. I live and work on the land of the Piscataway tribal nation. The IFS Institute has taken responsibility for its ineffectiveness in fighting for healing and freedom for all peoples and has committed to accountability, building community, expanding the IFS methodology, and caring for all people in their burdens and struggles. I fully support these goals and am committed to working with my parts that carry our cultural legacy burdens. For more information: https://ifs-institute.com/about-us/dei